Saturday, August 2, 2008

The sous chefs

They're tuckered out now after all the cooking we've done this weekend, but Sadi and Gracie are the greatest helpers in my kitchen. Never must I worry about picking up errant morsels that have fallen on the floor. One of them will instantly be there to ensure the cleanliness of my workspace. Gracie's special talent is assisting with the dirty dishes by 'pre-rinsing' them after I've loaded the dishwasher. Sadi prefers to supervise the project from the center of the kitchen floor. She said cooking isn't challenging unless you must do so while also stepping over a contantly position-shifting labradore retriever.


  1. Awe! The poor darlings! Looks like you tuckered them out completely!

  2. adorable!!! I have two cats that think they're dogs, so they're always eating stuff off the kitchen floor!