Sunday, August 3, 2008

Roasted Ricotta Roma Tomatoes

I saw this recipe on The Pioneer Woman's website and I KNEW I had to make it for my husband and our friend from West 95. West 95 and I prepared it together which was half the fun! May I suggest using smaller-sized tomatoes. The big ones didn't really get melty until the tomato shell had already started to break down. The smaller ones definitely had the best overall texture between tomato and filling.

Roma tomatoes

Ricotta Cheese (a spoonful for each tomato half)

Fresh Basil

Fresh Parsley

Bread Crumbs

Kosher salt, pepper, olive oil

Oven set to 400°.

Cut Roma tomatoes in half lengthwise and remove the soft stuff to make a shell.
Sprinkle the inside of each tomato with some salt and then transfer them, face down, to a clean towel. This helps dry the tomatoes out a little.
Mince parsley, basil and garlic, add to the ricotta, seasoning with salt and pepper and mix well. (remember that ricotta is unsalted, so be sure to taste while adding salt and pepper so you don't underseason)
Stuff the maters .
Dip the Ricotta-filled tomatoes face down into the cracker crumbs for a nice coating and place on a cookie sheet
Drizzle some olive oil on each tomato so the crumbs brown nicely. Add a little more salt and pepper since the bread crumbs aren't seasoned.
Bake 25-30 minutes for melty yumminess.


  1. Yum. Trying this recipe out. :-)

  2. OK - what happened to all those classic "action shots" of my serious slicing and dicing skills hmmmmm?