Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Fourth of July

We traveled to Missouri over the fourth of July weekend to visit family, including my grandparents. The ride there was a little stressful since Caleb insisted on voicing his displeasure with the carseat laws, but he must have gotten over his issues with the U.S. Congress before the ride home, because he slept literally the entire four hour drive. I had to wake him up to change his diaper and feed him, and once back on the highway he fell back asleep. It was great!

Sacked out after the long drive thereAt the BBQ with his great grandparents, already in his PJs

Like Great Grandpa, like Great Grandson. Shoot, who doesn't enjoy an afternoon nap?

Laying on a blanket outside, enjoying the cooler (compared to Oklahoma) weather. He's been smiling so much lately, but I haven't been able to really catch it on film. I've gotten close though!

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