Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Caleb update

Caleb and I have been living in the real world now for just shy of two weeks, meaning that I am back at work and he is at daycare. The daycare we found for him is wonderful. The owner is currently working on her master's degree in early childhood development and she is so knowledgeable about infants! Before Caleb was born I had zero interest in child development. Now, of course, that's all I think about. His babysitter gives me daily updates on what he's done that day, from playtime to naps to the quality of his poopy diapers (her and I are probably the only people in the world that care about his diaper contents, but after the difficult ten day adjustment period from breastmilk to formula, his happy digestion is a high priority for me).

Going back to work is easier than I imagined. Probably because both Caleb and I are happy with his daycare, it's easier for me to concentrate on work when I'm there. My coworkers were great while I was gone, leaving no giant timebombs on my desk. And it really does feel good to be back in the swing of things in my normal non-mom life from 8-5.

I realize, dear internets, that since I started a Facebook account to share pictures of Caleb with my friends and family (yes, even my mom was on Facebook before I was), I have been remiss in sharing Caleb pictures and information since many of you who read my blog have also friended me on FB. Caleb has been smiling for weeks now and nothing makes my day more than seeing those smiles. Having smile pictures for my background at work seems to just make me miss him more, instead of tiding me over until I pick him up at night.


  1. He is so super cute!!! Glad going back to work has been a smooth transition! Hope all is well!