Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bumbos and Bubbles

My mom came down to visit for a few days earlier this week. Actually, she came to help me with Caleb so I could help my husband and his parents with an important family matter and not worry about who would watch my son. She's awesome like that. Plus, she spent some quality fun time with my little Smiley McSmileson.

I call this his politician pose. He will use it when he addresses large crowds and demands fairness and equality for all. I hope one day my little boy can change the world, or at least make it a wonderful place for everyone he loves. Doesn't everyone wish that for their children?

My little boy is also very strong and tough, he insists on scratching his precious little face (see evidence above), even though I trim his fingernails as far back as I dare. He is now confined to wearing socks on his hands each night when he goes to bed. I can't wait to tell his girlfriends when he grows up. Also, I can't wait to show them what a champion bubble blower he was at three months old.