Thursday, April 22, 2010

The dogs are SO fired (and a thank you)

Last night I discover that I had left an important item over at my in-law's house.  Being the kind soul he is, my father in law offered to bring it over this morning and leave it in my garage so I'd have it tonight.  Awesome, problem solved.

So this morning as I leave for work, I see said item already in the garage, evidently my father in law had gone to work early.  And not only that but he'd brought in the empty trash can from the curb.  Bonus!  Thank you!

However, we have two big dogs.  They like to bark at pedestrians.  They like to bark at birds in the flower bed.  But this morning?  Yeah, no bark.  No warning an intrudor had breached the perimeter.  Just two dogs crashed out on MY bed, waiting on me to turn the light off so they can go back to sleep for seventeen more hours.

So dogs, here's your warning.  Even though you are totally awesome with Caleb and let him pull your hair and take your toys, you are now on super double secret probation.  You are DOGS!  You are supposed to BARK when someone enters the house!  Next time, you betta represent!

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