Monday, June 8, 2009

To explain my absence...

Baby Caleb made his arrival on May 19, 2009. Obviously, it's been a busy almost three weeks for me, I haven't cooked a single dish, let alone have time to blog about one. However, I did mean to be better about posting baby pictures!

Caleb was born at 2:20 in the afternoon. This photo was taken later that evening, after all our visitors had left. That was our first opportunity to really have a chance to play with him and get to know him.We took this picture the day we came home. I'm so glad my mom, Caleb's GG, was able to stay with us for several days, she was a wonderful help and I loved watching her hold my baby boy. Also, everyone please notice the perfect little hand that escaped the blanket. He likes to have one arm free of the swaddle.

Caleb with his Daddy, I believe this was taken the day after he was born. We were still in the hospital.I took this one of him in his yellow outfit when he was about a week old. Forgive the poor lighting around his face, technically he was supposed to be sleeping, but I thought he looked too cute to not take his picture.

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  1. congrats! he's so handsome! It feels like just yesterday you announced you're pg, time sure flies!