Monday, June 8, 2009

He's awake!

The first two pictures were taken when Caleb was ten days old. The third I just took this morning and today he is 20 days old.

It seems like most of my pictures of Caleb are of him asleep. Probably because that's when I have a chance to grab the camera and snap a few shots. Also, when he's wide awake and making cute faces *at four a.m.* I'm not really in the mood to grab the camera and document my sleep deprivation in action.

I love our playtime, when his eyes are open and he is examining me, or the window, or the television. I have to admit, there's nothing more gratifying than seeing my baby turn his eyes to me when he hears my voice. He's always done it just for me (which I secretly love), but I noticed him turn towards his Daddy the other day which is okay too :)

Every once in awhile Caleb gets ahold of one of his fingers or his thumb with his mouth and tries to suck on it. Usually he finds a reason to move his hand away before he really gets down to business. That's his Papa holding him when he was ten days old.


  1. Congratulations Hilary! Caleb is just beautiful, oopps, sorry handsome! Hope your feeling good and breathing in every single moment.

  2. Congratulations - he is adorable!!

  3. Looks like Caleb is getting cuter every day! Congrats again!