Friday, June 12, 2009

Caleb's first bath

Caleb's belly button finally healed (i.e. his umbilical cord stump fell off) on his three week birthday. I didn't see it fall off, we were at Brent's parents and Caleb's Meemaw went to change his diaper and it was missing. I was so excited to see it go, because that meant we could give him his first bath! I had some errands to run the next afternoon and while away from the house I get a call from Brent. Evidently, Caleb had a diaper blow out so epic it required a bath :( :( :( I missed it, I wasn't there for his first bath. *sob* So I decided to create his first 'official' bath later that afternoon. The diaper blow out cleanup was more of a rinse off than a bath anyway, and it didn't even include the special hooded baby bath towel I'd been saving, nor was any baby wash or lotion involved.

Brent and I gathered Caleb's bath supplies and gave him his first bath together. It was a ton of fun, Caleb seemed to really enjoy the feeling of the water. I'm excited to give him another one soon! And because I love my son and pictures on the internet could last forever, I won't be sharing any 'revealing' photos. However, these pictures of a clean happy baby are too cute not to share.


  1. He is sooo adorable! I didn't know you had to wait for the belly button to fall off for a bath! Do you have a baby blog? I'm expecting my first in Dec. and would love to hear any tricks/tips you learn with your baby. : )

  2. It looks like he's playing peek a boo! I'm not sure what I enjoy more the first time mommy giving the bath or the cutie getting the bath. That's the bad thing about having seven you almost get immune to the "first syndrome" by #7. Poor Emma has to go to extremes to be note worthy in our house, which she is living up to beautifully.