Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fence construction!

The wooden privacy fence in our back yard has been deteriorating for awhile. A few weeks ago the weakest post finally gave into the elements and broke off at the ground. Brent worked out a sweet deal with the neighbor where he bought the material and Brent did the labor for a little bit of cash. He ended up replacing four sections of fence, of which two posts had to be removed and replaced. That meant we got to mix up some quick set concrete and put our initals in it!

Brent started the project yesterday and got up pretty early this morning to finish since there is again a chance of rain, imagine that. It's only been raining for 40 days and 40 nights. There have been a few breaks in the clouds and people's lawnmowers have been going like crazy. Thankfully Brent finished the fence project today before the rains returned.

Gracie really liked checking out the neighbor's yard. There used to be a knothole in the old fence and she'd look through it all day spying on them. She's a snoopy dog.

***In case any of you had noticed before and were wondering, Gracie's tail is docked. We didn't do it on purpose, we adopted her from the shelter and she was pretty sick and malnourished. When we got her her tail was unbelievably long and skinny and was really badly infected. We tried to doctor it under the vet's supervision, but the infection spread up her tail, making her sick. The vet decided to dock it when he spayed her. I'm glad it's gone, if you've ever had a dog with a long tail with an infection in the end, you know what I'm talking about. It took months to get all the walls clean. blech.

I was able to help Brent a little by holding the cross bars while he made measurements before cutting them to size. I also held them while he screwed them in. Oh, and I made sure the post was square while the concrete was poured and setting. I guess that's a pregnancy perk, I wasn't able to help with the really dirty and heavy stuff, like pulling the old posts with their concrete settings out of the ground. I actually stayed clean during this project :)

Since it's so cloudy, the airport must be having their planes come in low, we usually don't see or hear landing airplanes unless it's stormy.

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