Friday, January 1, 2010

Caleb's First Christmas

We started Christmas morning by opening presents at home.  Brent and I got some cool presents, but I know that you, dear Interwebz, are more interested in Caleb's fun gifts.

Aunt Colleen got him this rad Baby Einstein music player thing and it's a favorite.

Some Fisher Price Roll-Arounds from his stocking are another favorite, he bats them all around the room, I love watching him army crawl all over as he chases them.  My favorite is the one with the blue octopus thing in it with all the mutli-colored little balls that jingle around.  Very fun.

Gee Gee was awesome and wrapped Caleb's presents super loosely so he could unwrap them himself. 

Caleb's big gift from Mommy and Daddy was a LeapFrog Learn and Groove Table that he lurves.  We practice standing up with it and he loves all the buttons, sounds and lights.  When his baby legs get tired, he sits on my knee so he can keep playing.

After getting cleaned up from our at-home Christmas morning, we headed over to Brent's parents for presents with Caleb's MeeMaw and Papa.

First up for Caleb was a bunch of fun clothes, including this cow patterned footed PJ number.

And even though he really appreciates all the clothes, he couldn't help but show his REAL opinion about all the new duds. 

Overall, we received and gave some really cool gifts.  Thank you so much, family, for making it a kick-butt first Christmas for Little Man.  In fact, Caleb is spending the night with Brent's parents and we are getting ready to go spend the Christmas gift my grandparents gave us.  Thanks for dinner Grandma and Grandpa Brunton!!!

Does anyone else think that Caleb really looks like Marlon Brando in this pic?  It's the chin, I'm sure.

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