Thursday, April 16, 2009


No, I don't have a cookie recipe to share (not just yet anyway, we did make three different kinds of cookies for the birthday party a few weeks ago). The Cookie I am talking about today is my mom's puppy, Cookie the Black Pug! She was just shy of six months when I took these pictures.

Most of the time, Cookie is a crazy puppy who likes to eat things she shouldn't and makes a habit of constantly rearranging my mom's throw rugs. She likes to be the center of attention and isn't intimidated by anything. There was concern how my brown lab, Gracie, would take to Cookie. We were worried Gracie would get too crazy and try to play too rough for such a small puppy. However, just the opposite happened.Gracie was the one who was looking for time-outs and Cookie was the one who wanted to play, hard, nonstop, all weekend! My dogs literally collapsed from exhaustion Sunday when mom took Cookie back to Kansas.

When she wasn't antagonizing Gracie, or chewing on Sadi's delightfully long swishy tail, Cookie found time to terrorize Brent into submission.