Friday, February 6, 2009

New layout!

I finally took a little time to spiff up the bloggity-blog this evening. It was a lot of fun going through my saved files browsing for picture candidates for the banner. Now that I feel comfortable cropping and editing photos with text, I'll try to make this a more common occurance because it was kinda fun!

Now for some bad camera is missing. Seriously, it has disappeared and nobody can find it. It was sitting on my desk, where I left it after uploading the pictures from my last post. Now it is MIA. It had better show up soon because I made some beautiful lemon ricotta cookies that are as yet unphotographed and the supply is dwindling rapidly. Also, I'm leaving town Sunday for a work trip to Austin, Texas, and I'd like to take it so I can take some photos of that neat town. So help me figure out, internets, how a camera can just disappear. *shakes head, baffled*

I almost forgot to mention the musical inspiration for this blog installment: the album Sevens, Garth Brooks


  1. You're new layout looks pretty!

  2. Okay, total dork moment. YOUR new layout looks pretty. There. Spelling SAVED!