Friday, July 23, 2010

Hello, my name is Hil and I'm addicted to iPhone apps

When picking up my new iPhone 4 (squeeeeeeee!!!!), the uber helpful and friendly Apple Store Genius lady mentioned her favorite new camera app, Camera Plus.  Since I am helpless in the face of my addiction, I downloaded it as soon as I skipped out of the store.  Now bloggities, I love PSMobile for photo editing, but it pales in comparision to the rad effects available on Camera Plus.  And I seriously love Hipstamatic for some cool cool lenses and film, but with the editing capabilities in Camera Plus, I can replicate those looks and it works twice as fast.

Last summer Brent planted some hibiscus plants in our backyard.  He found them on clearance at Lowe's and planted them in the dog heat of summer.  My hopes for their survival were low, but they not only pulled through but grew into GIANT plants with GIANT dinner plate sized blooms.  Me and the plant had a photo session yesterday morning and I will use it for a brief demonstration of Camera Plus' awesome abilities.

Here's the original picture.  Well, not the original, because I cropped and rotated the orientation 90 degrees to get it this way.

Next, I started playing with the effects.  See 'vibrant':

How's that for color pop? 

Now see 'so emo':

I can almost see Edward presenting dark and twisty bloom to Bella.

How about a little 'grunge':

I don't get as much Kurt Cobain out of this as I get Grandma's Attic.  Still love it though, the scratches are awesome.

Now for some 'Ansel':

Perhaps not the best example of Ansel, but you get the idea. 

Besides these effects, there's about fifteen or twenty more choices including 'faded', 'hipster' and 'antique'.

I haven't even gotten around to showing you the various borders including 'instant' (think polaroid), 'grit' and 'vignette'.   Also, it has scenes which change the lighting tones.  I'm in luuuuurvvveee!!!!!

I just realized this post came across as a sales pitch.  I WISH they'd given it to me for free, but honestly, 2 smackers is worth it for the hours of play I've gotten out of it so far.  My poor DSLR, in all of it's powerful, beautiful glory, actually has dust accumulating on it.  I'm definitely hung up on the iPhone camera apps right now.

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